DOES TURKEY GIVE SHORT-TERM RESIDENCE PERMITS TO FOREIGNERS? Yes, Turkey does issue short-term residence permits, also known as “SHORT TERM RESIDANCE PERMIT” in Turkish. A short-term residence permit allows foreign nationals to legally reside in Turkey for a period of up to one year. This type of permit is suitable for individuals who intend to stay in Turkey for tourism, business, education, health, or other short-term purposes. The short-term residence permit allows foreigners to stay in Turkey for a limited period without the need for a long-term residence permit. It is important to note that the short-term residence permit does not grant the right to work in Turkey unless additional work permits are obtained separately.

The application process for a short-term residence permit involves submitting an online application through the Directorate General of Migration Management’s (DGMM) official website, providing the required supporting documents, scheduling an appointment at the local DGMM office, and completing the application process in person. It’s worth mentioning that the specific requirements, procedures, and documentation may vary depending on the purpose of stay, nationality, and individual circumstances. Therefore, it is recommended to visit the official website of the Directorate General of Migration Management or consult with the local authorities for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding short-term residence permits in Turkey.


How do I get short term residency in Turkey? What is residence permit in Turkey? How can I stay in Turkey for 6 months? SHORT TERM RESIDENCE PERMITResidence Permit Application Form (must be signed by the foreigner and/or his/her legal representative) Notary public approved photocopy of passport or passport substitute document (pages containing identity information and the page containing photo and processed pages)

How long does it take to get a residence permit in Turkey?

Four (4) pcs photos (must have been taken within the last 6 months, against a white background and biometric. Do not upload family, selfie, unrecognizable, non up-to-date or black and white photos into the system, otherwise residence permit document shall not be issued!)

Declaration which states that financial capacity is to be provided sufficiently and regularly throughout the stay (Is declared in the Application Form. Directorate may request supporting documents.) I WANT TO GET A SHORT-TERM RESIDENCE PERMIT IN TURKEY >>

Valid health insurance (Insurance period must cover the intended residence permit duration. One of the following document is considered as sufficient):

E-signed/signed and stamped/sealed document to be obtained from provincial social security units which states that the foreigner is benefiting from the health services inn Turkey within the scope of bilateral social security agreements

E-signed/signed and stamped/sealed provision document received from Social Security Institution (Provision documents to be received from Social Security Institution must be in such a manner that they must be both supportive and cover family members.) *

Private health insurance covering the extension period (The policy must have the expression of “This policy covers the minimum coverage stipulated in the circular no 9, dated 06/06/2014, on private health insurance required to be taken out for residence permit applications. Please present e-signed/signed and stamped/sealed original of your insurance policy during application! For extension applications, attach only approved (sealed, signed) copy of your original policy into your application file.


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