English speaking child and babysitters can find a job in Istanbul. Especially nannies whose foreign language is English can find a job for at least $ 900 and work. Work with official carer consulting firms to find carer jobs in Istanbul. Nanny jobs in Istanbul for foreigners; You can work with English-speaking childminders If you prefer English-speaking childminders, we offer you Filipino, Nepalese, Indonesian, African babysitters. You can find the best foreign childminder with the features and qualifications you want by calling our company. Caring agencies can find the job that suits you best. Doing a contracted nanny job also keeps you safe. You can work as a babysitter at home in Istanbul. Foreign babysitter can work in a good family on a contractual basis. If you are working in a nanny job, it is better to get a work permit. Working as a caregiver with a work permit allows you to be insured.

Nanny Agency in Istanbul

To be an official babysitter in Istanbul, you must have a residence ID. If you are going to work as a nanny, the employer will insure you. that is, a residence permit is required for a work permit. Work with official nanny agencies to get the best jobs. Official consulting firms serve as “Private employment agency” and have a certificate. It enables foreigners to get official employment in Turkey. Nannies who know foreign languages ​​should pay attention to these. If the employer is to get a nanny who speaks a foreign language in Istanbul, he/she should also get a nanny from official agencies. Caring agencies always work on contracts. It is advantageous for you to get a nanny from official agencies. These are especially important for those who want to get a referral nanny.

Why should I get a foreign babysitter in Istanbul?

He teaches the English language to children at home in the mother tongue. It provides children with the opportunity to think and comprehend English. They are knowledgeable in the field of child care. If you do not interfere in their work, the child will be disciplined. As education, the child develops.

Nanny jobs in Istanbul We will give you an information about the average childminder prices in Istanbul. The cost of a Filipino childminder in Istanbul is about $9,000 to $1,300 per month. For those who are looking for the Filipino carers in Istanbul with day and boarding options, it is the opportunity to meet with suitable candidates. The prices of African childminders in Istanbul are between $ 750 and $ 850. African babysitters speak English. Some of them can also speak Arabic. The prices of Turkmen – Uzbek babysitters speaking Turkish in Istanbul are between 14.000 ₺ and 16.000 ₺. Childminders in Istanbul use one day off a week (24 hours) and their leave fees are between 100 ₺ and 150 ₺.

Duties of an English-speaking nanny in Istanbul

The duties of an English-speaking nanny in Istanbul are similar to those of nannies in other parts of the world. However, certain responsibilities may differ depending on the needs and expectations of the family. Here are some common tasks:

Child Care: The main responsibility of a nanny is to care for the children in the family. This includes tasks such as feeding, bathing, dressing and ensuring their general welfare.

Duties of an English-speaking nanny in Istanbul

Educational Activities: Many families expect nannies to participate in educational and developmental activities with the children. This may include helping with homework, organising play dates and participating in age-appropriate learning activities.

Meal Preparation: Nannies are often responsible for preparing meals and snacks for children. This may include planning and cooking nutritious meals and taking into account dietary preferences and restrictions.

Transport: Nannies may be required to drive children to school, out-of-school activities and appointments. A valid driver’s licence and safe driving record may be required.

Housework: Some families may expect nannies to take care of light housework related to the children. This may include cleaning their rooms, doing their laundry, and maintaining their playground.

Safety and Supervision: Nannies are responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of children at all times. This includes protecting the home from children and providing constant supervision, especially for young children.

English speaking nanny jobs in Istanbul

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