The most important rule of applying for a residence permit is to enter Turkey legally and not to violate a visa. If you have entered for tourism purposes in a normal way, you can make a residence permit appointment to apply for a residence permit before the visa expires. Residence permit appointment application and residence permit IDs in Turkey are submitted to the T.R. It is given by the Migration Administration under the Ministry of Interior. Therefore, you need to use the official website to obtain a residence permit. Foreigners can get a residence permit appointment via The foreigner creates a residence permit appointment form with his own information and takes a copy with him.

Where to apply for Bosnians residence permit?

In order to obtain a residence permit in our country, a foreign citizen must enter through the official immigration administration website. Online can make an appointment. If you cannot get a residence permit appointment on your own, you can call 157 or get support from a known person / institution. When making a residence permit appointment, you must fill in all your information on the system completely. The reason is for example; Appointment date will be sent to your contact information later by message and e-mail. If 20 days have passed since the appointment application and the residence permit date has not been determined, you can get information by calling. The authorized institution for the residence permit appointment applications of foreigners is the immigration administration.

Residence permit in Turkey for citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Documents to be prepared during the residence permit application in Turkey; Residence permit appointment form obtained online Making a lease contract from a notary public to the address written when making a residence permit appointment Private health insurance for foreigners valid for residence permit application 4 biometric photos taken within the last six months Receipt showing that the fees written on the residence permit application form have been paid to the tax office Photocopy of passport and processed pages If the residence appointment is extended, a photocopy of the previous identity card, etc.

Do Bosnian citizens need visa for Turkey? Ordinary passport holders are exempt from visa provided that they do not exceed 90 days within 180 days.

Residence permit prices for Bosnians; When the average is taken as a basis, the foreigners’ obtaining a residence permit in Turkey and the payer fees (money) may vary according to the country of the person. Generally charged as $80 fee and 125 card fee. The money that foreigners will pay to obtain a residence permit in Turkey is on the application form. It is determined which country will pay how much fees.

Residence permit in Turkey for citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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