A German citizen can obtain a residence permit in Turkey. A German citizen must enter Turkey in order to apply for a residence permit. In order for a German citizen to obtain a residence permit for tourism purposes, an appointment form must be created or created on the immigration administration website. A German citizen can easily obtain a residence permit in our country. Application for residence permit in Turkey and approval of applications are made under the supervision of the immigration authority.

Residence Permit for a German Citizen

Those who have a German passport who will stay in Turkey for a short time are given the right to apply for a residence permit. Obtaining a residence permit for Germans in Turkey. Contact information requested when making an appointment; address, phone and e-mail must be entered correctly. After completing this application, download the residence permit appointment form and print it out. A message or e-mail will be sent to your contact information at the time of the appointment or after a while. You must go to the immigration office on this appointment date.

Residence permit in Turkey for German citizens

Residence permit documents of a German citizen

Printout of online application form 4 newly taken photos for ID Health insurance covering the residence permit period Paying the amount of the fee on the appointment form to the tax office (Receipt of receipt) Valid and notarized lease contract Copy of Passport and Passport (all pages processed) Obtaining a tax number for those who will obtain a residence permit for the first time. Any person who is a citizen of the Federal Republic of Germany can obtain a residence permit in Turkey. If there is no problem against the law, the residence permit is approved. We offer consultancy services to German citizens.

E-residence appointment for German citizens A residence permit application form is created online. In order to create an application form, that is, to make an appointment, one must have a photo and health insurance. Another important information is the residence address. The correct address must be written as the ID will be sent to the address written here.

Work permit in Turkey for a German citizen

All German citizens who have obtained a residence permit in Turkey can apply for a work permit in Turkey. A work permit can be issued to a German citizen whose residence permit application has been accepted. In order to obtain a work permit for a German citizen, the workplace must obtain an electronic signature and at least 5 Turkish citizens must work as SGK. You can call the number 170 for German citizens to get a work permit in Turkey and for detailed information.

Prices of residence permit in Turkey for German citizens; Immigration Administration residence permit fees are 758 ₺, 80 $ and 125 ₺. In addition, health insurance covering the residence permit period, which varies according to the age of the person, is between 200 ₺ and 700 ₺. Notarized rental contract approval is between 100 ₺ and 200 ₺.

Residence Permit and Work Permit for German Citizens in Turkey

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